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Why 1917 didn't win Best Picture?

There has been much controversy about whether Parasite deserved to win Best Picture over 1917. I'm a big numbers guy! So upon researching the Best Picture award I found out that it is awarded to the producers of the film.

A producer's success could be measured by the success of the film as in the ratio of Budget vs Gross.

Upon inspection of the nominees for Best Picture, I came to the following figures:

1917 Budget: 100 million USD Worldwide Gross: 294 million USD B vs G Ratio: 1: 2.94 (294%)

Ford vs Ferrari Budget: 97.6 million USD Worldwide Gross: 224 million USD B vs G Ratio: 1: 2.30 (230%)

Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood Budget: 90 million USD Worldwide Gross: 374 million USD B vs G Ratio: 1: 4.16 (416%)

Little Women Budget: 40 million USD Worldwide Gross: 179 million USD B vs G Ratio: 1: 1.72 (172%)

Jojo Rabbit Budget: 14 million USD Worldwide Gross: 75 million USD B vs G Ratio: 1: 5.36 (536%)

The Irishman Budget: 159 million USD Worldwide Gross: 8 million USD + Unreleased Netflix Data B vs G Ratio: *Not enough data*

Marriage Story Budget: 18 million USD Worldwide Gross: 2.3 million USD + Unreleased Netflix Data B vs G Ratio: *Not enough data*

Joker Budget: 55 million USD Worldwide Gross: 1.1 billion USD B vs G Ratio: 1: 18.2 (1818%)

Parasite Budget: 11.4 million USD (13.5 billion KRW) Worldwide Gross: 168.7 million B vs G Ratio: 1: 14.8 (1480%)

Yes I know 1917 looked amazing but they had a budget of 100 million USD and they only made a profit of 200 million and that applies for all the other nominees except Parasite and Joker.

Joker is the clear winner numbers wise but the ratios between Joker and Parasite are somewhat comparable in comparison with other figures. So we need to look at it from a different angle. In terms of originality and struggles along the way in making the film, PARASITE is the clear winner. For one thing, Warner Bros weren't behind the production, unlike Joker, regardless of the difficulties that Todd Philips faced with Warner Bros. during filming.

You don't need to make a film that literally crosses continents to get nominated for Best Picture if the film is in English and country of origin is the USA. But if your film is in Korean, filmed in South Korea, how much effort and impossibilities would you have to go through to make it all the way to the Oscars?

Regardless of all that, films are meant to entertain, deliver a message and provide an experience. All the films at the 92nd academy awards have succeeded in providing that in their own ways.

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